Christmas shopping is tiring.

Very tiring exhausting. Dammit, it was bad. Bad. Baaad. And utterly humiliating >_<

I cannot even explain to you how much I detest London. Is it the smoking? The hobos who cuddle up in illegally stolen supermarket carts? The weird people who hand out grass to you and demand money? The people who are completely SMASHED and run around throwing bottles at the walls? -_-;;

Anyway- The fun link for today:–thingsilearned.htm

So I went to take my computer to get fixed. I swear on the body of Pikachu, I DID NOT BURN THE STUPID GRAPHICS CARD! But now Wizard101 is fully working, and I’m happy. Vaaary, vaaaaaary happy. :] Call me a gaming nerdette if you want to, but all’s good.

Christmas presents.

Abby- Abby was the hardest. Partly ’cause she didn’t exactly tell me WHAT SHE WANTED. Jeez people, I LACK SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO GET SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG IN WHSMITH. X____X I just told my mom ‘she likes cute stuff’. *Starts banging head repeatedly against the wall*. So in the end, we found a OOH SOO KAWAII DESU!!!!! <___< EVERYTHING SUGAR AND CANDY shop. :> I bought this pencil case/clutch bag that was made out of sweet wrappers. ITSSOCOOOL. I hope? :]


Easy. I was planning on getting this calligraphy set with PINK [I really hate pink, but she likes it] ink and a PINK fountain pen. And two UN-PINK different pen nibs :p But in the end, I decided it wasn’t practical [READ: MY MOM SAID IT WASN’T] so I acquired this PINK pen and PINK mechanical pencil with a PINK holder. Kinkeeeh.


Liana was the easiest. of. freaking. all. Pink pukka pad with dividers :p No stress.


Dammmn. I know three things about her. She likes clothes. She likes vampires. She likes Twilight. So I got this vampire book for her :p It’s called Bloodlust&&Initiation, and it’s part of the Vampire Beaches (?) series.

And I also bought this keeeyuuute wrapping paper. It’s PINK… BUT it has cute fluffy clouds on eet. :]