November 29th, Saturdayyyy.

I wish Wendy has a blog. I always like seeing what people type […Cause I’m nosy. :p] And otherwise I’ll freak out when I’m surrounded by the rest of my family. My mom told me that when I was like… three? I went back to singapore, and I only smiled at the europeans. o__O Wtf??

Anyway, I’ve been watching lucky star.


Naruto is getting kind of boring… I WANT MY MMORPGS! :[ But noo, my graphics card has to disappear and/or become faulty. I can only get it repaired this Sunday… But then there’ll be no time to play :[ I have a Maths&Biology test on monday. Oh yeah, they gave us the GCSE Talk. I think I’ll take sepereated sciences, but I’m still deciding what to take for the extra two GCSES… :[ For twilight classes [after school] I might take Art GCSE and Computer Literacy course. But I’m worried it might take too much of my time.

I plan to be a neurologist or a cardiologist, or maybe study acupuncture, so I have to take seperate sciences. The thing is, I’m not that good at Physics. Biology and Chemistry, I have an A average, and in Maths too… x___x I hate Physics. x_x

So anyway, I WANT MY GRAPHICS CARDDDD! I want to play Wizard101 :[

Oh, and here’s a link for people who don’t wanna register at websites: