23rd November 2008.

So, I got up this morning to the sounds of… my dad watching football. My mom was yelling at him not to watch football ’cause it’d wake me up. Then I fell asleep again. :p

So, I go on my computer, check MS hacks etc etc. Then I downloaded DeMSwz 2.1.1



My computer got totally messed up, and I couldn’t even get to the main page. x_x

= No Pokemon, Famiy guy, MSN, Wizard101, geography homework.


I borrowed Ling’s laptop, but after Wizard101 installed, still had to wait for Marleybone and Triton Avenue to load up. IT SUCKED BIG TIME :[ So I went to www.lol.com on her laptop instead. And watched pokemon on pisoga.com [or anime4fun]. Then I finished off CHERUB ‘The recruit’ and ‘Class A’. The best spy book evar- even Alex Rider can’t beat it with all his gadgets.

Currently reading: The General.

So I went on www.mangafox.com and started reading Naruto. :p School’s tomorrow!!