The Real Game.

This is basically my first post, dedicated to WendyZOR. I was thinking of writing all the stuff down in a notebook thing, but I doubt Wendy can read my handwriting, and it’d take too long to send anyway. So hence.. my blog.

The Real Game, basically a career game thing, and it’s SO FUN. ❤

Lets start with what we did..

I’m gonna do it mostly in the present tense. o_O

We were all allowed to wear our own clothes, a nice change from the usual black jumper and a loud, checkered summer dress. I faintly remembered a “no inappropiate clothing” on the sheet handed out to us a couple of days before, but no one was wearing a miniskirt.. so all’s good.

We headed off to the Mulberry Hall, some new kind of sports centre which was built in the place of the old swimming pool, where we proceeded to fill in this WEIRD SHEET. Did I mention that it took the teachers 5 minutes to open the door, because they forgot the code? 😀 Anyway, it was all about careers and stuff. Like.. “You carry on learning all through your life, regardless of how good you are at your career” then you tick the “STRONGLY DISAGREE” “DISAGREE” “DUNNO” “AGREE” STRONGLY AGREE” boxes. There were a coupla technical terms which I didn’t understand though.

After, we had this kind of.. hula-hoop festival?

 Someone held this hula-hoop, then the other guy has to go through it, then hold the hula hoop and so on. WE WON. 🙂

Then we went back to the hall, and on the doors were sheets.. I was in The Caramels. Wow >_> But on the tables, were Galaxy Caramels. ❤

Gonna finish tomorrow.